Teacher training/ Professional Development

The developed ScienceMath teaching modules are integrated and disseminated in teacher training programmes .

In August 2009 we offered our first European Training Event in Lubljana, Slovenia
European Teacher Training Event - with links to workshop material
Great Events:
First European Event Ljubljana 2009
During the Master-Programme of Syddansk Universitet, November 2009, Odense
Second European Event Ljubljana 2010
Further Events: every year since 2010. Please join!

For further information about our teacher training programme please contact a contact-person of your country (see partners).

Special Background Information:

ScienceMath Presentation
Introducing Presentation into our Professional Development Programmes

Professional Development Concepts/ Didactical framework for Teacher Trainings:

1. Syddansk Universitet, presentation Budapest 2008

2. The ScienceMath Professional Development Concept
For Interdisciplinary Mathematical Lessons:
Download ScienceMath PD-Concept
Module list for European Professional Developments within the ScienceMath Project

Interdisciplinary/ Cross-Curricular Teaching:

Interdisciplinary Teaching Forms - A Model
Monography - special issue
A Conceptual Framework For Cross-Curricular Teaching - complete text

Power-point-presentations in different languages
from training courses to download and further articles: