GDM-conference Budapest 13th - 18th March 2008

42. Jahrestagung der Gesellschaft für Didaktik der Mathematik

Some of our partners organised a moderated section about our project and presented results in several presentations.

Moderated Section:
Mathematical literacy and cross curricular competencies through interdisciplinarity, mathematising and modelling science - Examples of the European ScienceMath Project

Thilo Höfer: Introducing mathematical functions to students at the age of 13

Damjan Kobal: Two simple math ides in technology

Claus Michelsen: Preparing the teachers for an interdisciplinary curriculum: Modelling courses for secondary in-service teachers

Astrid Beckmann: Fächerübergreifender Unterricht zwischen Mathematik und Kunst - Interdisciplinarity between Math and Arts

Simon Zell: Erkunden des Variablenbegriffs durch physikalische Experimente - Exploring the concept of variable through physics experiments

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