Turun Yliopisto
Turku University, Finland

ScienceMath- contact person:

Prof. Dr. Kaarina Merenluoto,

Senior researcher and acting professor, adjunct professor in education, teaching and learning science and mathematics,
Faculty of Education/ Department of Teacher education


The Turku University, the second largest university in Finland, has a strong and international distinguished position as a multidisciplinary scientific university. It is a highly international institution with a reputation resting on the quality of research, teaching and services and belongs to the “Coimbra Group”, a network of prestigious universities in Europe. The six faculties: Humanities, Mathematics and Natural Sciences, Medicine, Law, Social Science and Education; and separate institutes, which specialize in a number of different scholarship areas, provide an all-round foundation for high-quality research and training for competent professionals. Right from the beginning the operation at the University of Turku has been based on the humanities and exact natural sciences while, on the one hand, drawing on scientific international contacs and natural human capital, on the other. Each faculty offers study opportunities in Finnish, but in English as well. There are 16000 students, from which 1000 have an international background. The university degrees correspond to the Bachelor´s, Master´s and Doctoral degrees.

A main activity in the Faculty of Education is the initial and in-service teacher training. The close connection to the Turun Noramaalikoulu (see partner institution) offers exceptional possibilities in teacher training and in educational research.