Syddansk Universitet,
University of Southern Denmark

ScienceMath- contact person:

Prof. Dr. Claus Michelsen,

Director of the Centre for Science and Mathematics Education, Associate Professor

Contact: claus.michelsen (at)

Jan-Alexis Nielsen

MA in philosophy and mathematics, research assistant

Contact: jan (at)

The University of Southern Denmark with Campuses in Odense, Kolding, Esbjerg, and Soenderborg is a research and educational institution with deep regional roots and an international outlook. There are approximately, 1100 researchers and 15000 students. The University of Southern Denmark offers comprehensive programs in five different faculties Humanities, Science, Engineering, Social Sciences, and Health Sciences. It incorporates 33 institutes, 29 research centres, and a well-equipped university library. The University of Education of Southern Denmark offers upper secondary teacher education with study programs in mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology and computer science. Also the university offers courses in further education for in-service teacher from primary and secondary education. In the recent years the University of Southern Denmark has fostered a new and expanding research environment in the field of mathematics and science education. A large number of PhD students in the field are being trained at the Graduate School in Upper Secondary Education. A new initiative is the founding of the Centre of Science and Mathematics Education, which represents a joint venture involving Institute for Philosophy, Pedagogics and Studies of Religion and the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science. The centre cooperates with schools, teacher training institutions and the scientific community in Funen, Southern Jutland and Schleswig-Holstein.